Heidi Koester

Heidi has always had a great love for animals, insects, and art. To this day, she has an affinity for animals and insects of all sizes, from Narwhals to Dung Beetles. She enjoys exploring this interest in wildlife with her creative process. Attributes that many find disheartening have served as a source of fascination, in both their form and their hidden beauty.

Combining these favorite interests and personal experiences through photography, illustrations, painting, and printmaking has stirred an entirely new level of observation and understanding of these animals and insects. She hopes to share this with others so they too will begin to appreciate animals and insects, if only for the small glimpses of splendor they offer wherever they are found.


Roseann Vitale

My name is Roseann Vitale and I am an artist currently residing in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with my husband and daughter. I’m also an educator and a Pathologists’ Assistant, which allows me to combine my love of science with visual information.

Wondering what a Pathologists’ Assistant is?

I’ve been painting abstract paintings since I was 16 years old. For my undergraduate education, I attended The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. During that time, I explored other media such as photography and installation. I enjoyed making work with the intended final space in mind, which eventually brought me back to my true love of painting. 

When I paint, I am using the colors to express my feelings and emotions. I enjoy working rapidly, often having quick painting sessions while my daughter naps, which is why I have always preferred to work in acrylic. I like how quickly it dries so I can layer new colors on top of the old to create depth and geometric landscapes. I often turn the canvas around several times while I am working on it, allowing the viewer to decide which orientation they prefer. Other times, the orientation is pretty set. 

My goal is to provide you, the viewer, with a meditative place to enjoy color, light, and depth. When creating the paintings, I’m often in a meditative place myself and my intention is that you can engage in that process while viewing the paintings, making it a collaborative process between us.



Alex Brown

Inspired by nature and organic form, artist, Alex Brown, has stepped out of her comfort zone by creating her new art series of abstract painting. Formerly, creating large-scale, black and white, surrealistic drawings, Alex found her new series both challenging and rewarding. Allowing the paint to flow naturally on the canvas, the new pieces capture spontaneous color and composition.

Stefani Quam

As a graduate of Syracuse University’s School of Visual and Performing Arts’ Transmedia Department, Stefani is an inter-disciplinary artist with formal training in both digital and fine arts techniques. Her interests are in exploring materiality, concept, and process as they relate to the evolution of human societies. Her practice is largely influenced by the history of artistic formats, their social/political influence, and the psychology behind their consumption.  Stefani’s work aims to address the social human condition during a time of rapidly evolving technologies and a loss of interpersonal connectedness.



Leslie Witte

My passion for creating has been my biggest motivation. I have an Associate degree in photography and a Bachelorʼs Degree in Design and Visual Communication. My devotion has been mostly to photography, but that talent is constantly being subsumed by my passion and talent for design. I consider myself an artist of many forms of media and sometimes the different materials and tools I use are mixed in order to achieve my previsualization.

The artwork I am submitting to you consists of oil paintings and different forms of printmaking, including woodcut relief, screenprinting and citrisol transfers. I tend to use very bright and colorful palettes with a collage-like style. I love the ability to use my hands when creating as well as digital forms, sometimes mixing the two. Most of my work tells or is inspired by a story. Sometimes I like that story to be obvious and clearly communicated, but I like that sometimes it isnʼt so obvious and the audience can create their own connections to my visual stories. Inspiration is everywhere and everything. I think of design and making as a creative adventure.