Leslie Witte

My passion for creating has been my biggest motivation. I have an Associate degree in photography and a Bachelorʼs Degree in Design and Visual Communication. My devotion has been mostly to photography, but that talent is constantly being subsumed by my passion and talent for design. I consider myself an artist of many forms of media and sometimes the different materials and tools I use are mixed in order to achieve my previsualization.

The artwork I am submitting to you consists of oil paintings and different forms of printmaking, including woodcut relief, screenprinting and citrisol transfers. I tend to use very bright and colorful palettes with a collage-like style. I love the ability to use my hands when creating as well as digital forms, sometimes mixing the two. Most of my work tells or is inspired by a story. Sometimes I like that story to be obvious and clearly communicated, but I like that sometimes it isnʼt so obvious and the audience can create their own connections to my visual stories. Inspiration is everywhere and everything. I think of design and making as a creative adventure.