freya salon

Freya is a salon dedicated to the continuous refining of our craft. We aim to ensure our clients are fully satisfied and happy with their salon experience. We continue to innovate not only in premium salon quality but also in the community and our enviroment.


Giving Premium service with a laid-back atmosphere.

We want to ensure that your experience is relaxed, fun and enjoyable. Our main focus is that you are fully satisfied with your results! Start your appointment with a complimentary beverage and sit back to enjoy the rest of our services.

Continuing education and building knowledge in the industry.

Complacency never equals success. In addition to training provided, we also encourage and even compensate stylists to seek out their own trainings and certifications. New staff members are graduated from top beauty institutes and also receive extensive one on one in-house training with veteran stylists. We partner with brands like Kevin.Murphy and Deva Curl who also provide our stylists with in-salon education.

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Focusing on serving a greater purpose outside of the salon locally and environmentally.

 The products that Freya chooses are products that support the Salon's mission of being cruelty-free and supportive of the environment. Freya is Green Circle certified which means we take extra steps to keep the salon industry sustainable. In addition, Freya supports the local community by featuring local artists in the salon as well as participating in Bayview Gallery Night.